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Happy Anniversary Blog! – New Year New Resolutions

This time last year, I created this blog and it was my new year’s resolution to stick to it. I am proud to say that I went from all of January to about the beginning of November where I took a LONG hiatus for about 2 months. At first I felt like I should update, but the reality was that I was spending time with family, busy trying new lessons using Google Classroom, and life kind of took over. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving where I visited my 100 year old grandmother and I had a wonderful Christmas break where I spent some quality time with my husband and children. It was such a joy to be at home with my family and I am glad I spent time away from blogging.

I’ve barked up a couple projects along the way that I haven’t shared yet so I will do so soon! I redid my entire closet, I started a photography business, and I cleaned my house!

This post will really focus on some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015. These resolutions are what I would like to work on. I know they very well might not be reached but as long as I address them this year, I think I will be happy.

#1 – EAT MORE HEALTHY – I am going to be realistic. I love to eat. If I were to pick one of the seven sins, I probably would say I am gluttonous. I want to be realistic about my eating habits, but I do want to improve them. I plan to cook more, eat more protein and less carbs, and drink more water! There will be days I will eat my ice cream and my sweets but I will try to be more conscious of being healthy. I already started the year off on the right foot by creating 10 freezer meals to eat. I already killed 2 of them so I might have to add more to my arsenal. Feels good to feed my children good food that is homemade and healthy. I also snuck a ton of veggies in there for them! Eggplant for the first time!

#2 – TONE TONE TONE – I am going to try to tone and sculpt my body just a tad more. I am probably not in the best shape of my life. I am in okay shape and teach PE so I am not completely bent out of shape, but can do a bit more cardio and lifting to tone my body. I have some good abs, but they are being covered by a layer of “I had two kids.” No excuses though. I am trying to get in two weight lifting workouts twice a week.

#3 – Live and savor happiness – Not that I am not happy already. I’ve been very happy, but I want to make sure I remember the feeling and embrace the many moments. My kids are growing up so fast that I want to savor in their youth and laughter. Time goes by so fast that sometimes I look back and wonder what I even did most of the time. I am spending much more time just watching my children play in the arms of my husband and just enjoying my family. It’s very precious and I hold it dear to my heart. (There’s a gazillion other moments of chaos mixed in with these peaceful moments)

Other resolutions are in the backburner but still exist.

#4 – Try to advance in my career

#5 – Continue with this blog

#6 – Grow my family’s photography business

#7 – Build something….anything!!




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