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The reveal!!! Halloween recap

It’s been almost a week since Halloween but since I have been so busy starting a new quarter with my students, I haven’t had the time to post!

Finally it is time to reveal my boys in their costumes from Halloween! I present you, Leonardo and Michaelangelo!


I also present you, April and Shredder!


Yes each costume was homemade and what you also do not see is the other two turtle costumes I made for my nephews as well! That means 4 complete ninja turtle outfits.

I used grey sweat suits from Target and dyed them with Hunter green Rit dye. I made the shell from scratch and stuffed each one. I also made heir arm bands and leg bands. Each turtle cost $32 which isn’t bad since they have green sweat suits that they can wear as normal everyday clothes.

Shredder was made completely out of duck tape, cardboard, a kids helmet, and 2 ninety-nine cent t-shirts from the solar store. Total cost of $7 bucks. Pretty awesome.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Our kids were crazy from the sugar high but have since calmed down. 🙂


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