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12 Inches to Children with Hair Loss

ca_09211418444288I have always wanted to donate my hair for a good cause but never pulled the trigger on it because I LOVE long hair and have always been too selfish. I am SO glad that I really committed to doing it this time and I am so glad I did. For the first time, I am NOT unhappy that I had my hair cut and I actually like this new look. I feel rejuvenated and it doesn’t hurt that I am helping children. I am not sure I can even go back to cutting my hair without donating now.

Initially, I was going to donate to Locks of Love and was already set to send my hair in. However, after reading a bit more and researching more, I decided to go with another organization called Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) instead. The reason for my change is because CWHL will 100% use my hair to make wigs for the children whereas Locks of Love was going to sell the shorter inches of my hair for profit to use to run their organization. I was okay with that thought when I started, but knowing that there is a better organization out there, I changed my mind. I still think Locks of Love is a good organization, but I think CWHL is a better choice for me. Shaine Woodley donated her hair to that organization when she had to cut her hair for her role in A Fault In Our Stars and I am glad she has brought a lot of attention to this non profit organization.

I will be sending in my hair soon so will keep you posted on that and try to remember to take a picture when I do! The following pictures are my before and after donations. I hope to gather more publicity for this organization and if you do end up donating your hair, I would love to hear about it. Please check out CWHL’s website here.

ca_09211418415270 ca_09211418420128 ca_09211418441411


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