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Summer Bucket List Check Off!

Happy Labor Day! Labor day means the last vacation day before the kids come back to school! Although I officially already started work a couple weeks ago, the kids are back in the classroom tomorrow, so I definitely feel that it is the end of the summer now.

I made this summer bucket list post about 2 months ago when summer vacation was about to begin and boy, did the summer fly by quickly. my summer was mainly an adjustment period of going from a full time working mom to a full time stay at home mom. It was really difficult to take care of 2 kids and I struggled that first week. Things got better and I began to get the hang of it, but just as I did, I had to go teach summer school for 2 weeks so that definitely interrupted my flow of things. Afterwards, I went right back to staying at home, but summer ended pretty quickly and my summer bucket list was never really in my head. The good thing is that I chose the things I really wanted to do this summer so I actually completed some of the bucket list!

Here is the list from my previous post.

[ X] 1. Finish at least 3 DIY projects – I did 3 and 3/4 so I am happy that I actually did it! I have a couple more projects in mind and of course that all takes time, but I am glad I met this item on my list because that means I was productive!

[X] 2. Learn to play 1 song on the piano –

  • I’ve never played the piano before and I learned 50% of the song so I am pretty proud of myself. I learned John Mayer’s song “All of Me”

[  ] 3. At least 2 family hikes

  • Ok, so I didn’t meet this goal. We did 1 hike with friends at Irvine Park but that was it. I don’t feel that bad though because we take our kids out every weekend and we didn’t end up doing a hike because we did something else instead. No big deal.

[X] 4. Cook at least 2x a week

  • I can’t exactly be sure that I cooked 2 times a week, but I am pretty confident I did because we did not eat out everyday.

[  ] 5. At least 2 museum visits

  • We visited 1 museum and it was the Children’s museum. I think it was a little ambitious of me to put down 2 museums so I am not feeling that bad about missing half of this item on the list.

[X] 6. At least 2 public parks

  • I took the kids of multiple playgrounds at different parks so definitely got this one down. Thank you to all my friends for all those play dates at different parks around Orange County.

[  ] 7. Sew one things from scratch

  • Nope, didn’t happen. I just didn’t have the time. I do plan to eventually do something though so this will continue to be an item on my bucket list for the future.

[  ] 8. At least 3 fun home projects/activities with kids

  • I don’t think I specifically did 3 home acitivities or projects with the kids but I DEFINITELY spent a TON of time with them this summer and what i noticed was that just being able to hug, tickle, play, and watch them learn and grow has been enough. I don’t think planning out an activity would have changed my experience with them or how much fun we have. We had tons of fun playing with chalk outside in the front yard and playing grocery store with the random bottles from the cupboard. Not feeling bad about missing this one either.

[X] 9. Create a freezer meal arsenal

  • I didn’t exactly make an arsenal but I did keep up making freezer meals as a back up when we didn’t have food so I am happy about that and this is going to continue throughout the year. Definitely think I met this goal.

[X] 10. Play tennis – at least ONCE

  • YES YES YES!!! I got in ONE game and that was yesterday!!!! Made this item barely in the nick of time all because the US Open inspired me to get back on the court. It was pretty fun and we got Hunter a little racket and I think we’re going to start training him! I lost a lot of backhand strokes but my forehand and serves still seem to be the same as they used to be. not too shabby or rusty as I thought. I would love to make this a monthly or weekly thing if time permits. I definitely am interested.

Well that was the list of things that I wanted to do. As the summer went on, I ended up doing things that were NOT on the bucket list that I am glad I did. One of those things I did was baking a cake!!! I baked 2 for that matter! I have to make a cake in the next couple weeks for another birthday party so I am glad I got a couple under my belt and am going to continue to get better in making cakes. Another thing I did was make a video compilation for a family trip we took with videos my husband shot on his GoPro. Definitely not something that I thought I would even do this summer but did.

Now that the school year has started, I have lots of goals but I’ll save that for another post. 🙂



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