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DIY Jewelry Necklace Organizer with Paint Sticks

I saw this idea off of Pinterest and wanted to give it a go and I loved the way they turned out. Here are the steps of how to recreate this yourself.

Step 1 – Get gallon paint sticks

I just went to Home Depot and asked the paint person for some and they gave me 3. I wanted 3 more just in case I needed it so sent my husband and he got 3 more for free. FREE paint sticks makes for a cheap project!

Step 2 – Cut the curves off the paint sticks

You can definitely just use a hand saw for this. I have a miter saw but was too lazy to grav it down to cut, so I hand sawed it. Probably not the best decision because my cuts are not perfectly straight but I actually find it more charming that it isn’t perfect. It just took a bit more work and time to handsaw, but I saved my back from carrying the heavy miter saw down from the cabinet. I also cut 1 inch strips to be used later as well.


Step 3 – Spray paint the sticks

I continued my obsession with gold and sprayed them gold with the extra paint that I had leftover. Simple enough and super easy. I love how fast it dries as well. Don’t forget to spray the 1 inch strips as well.

Step 4: Pre-drill holes with Drill

I grabbed a small bit and drilled holes using my health insurance card for measurement. I know that sounds ridiculous but I was too lazy to go find a ruler so i just eyed it and used some lines that were on my health insurance card as a way to space the holes evenly. It wasn’t perfect but good enough for me!

Step 5: Twist in the screws

I bought my screws at Target so super easy to find. I can’t remember the price but I think they were around $3 for 36 hooks. They come in silver and gold and I have no idea why but I picked silver. I actually like the contrast with the gold now that it is on the stick.

Step 6: Attach 1 inch spacer and wood screw to the wall and mount.

My walls actually needed drywall mounts before I installed the screws so I literally just put the screws through the main paint stick and the 1 inch spacer on both sides first. Then I leveled the stick on the wall and pushed in so I can see the nail indent. I used my bit on my drill to drill a hole big enough for the drywall piece and then stuck it in the hole. Afterwards, just mount and screw it all the way in.

Here is the FINAL masterpiece. Excuse the lighting, but it was mounted in my closet where the lighting comes from above so I cannot possibly get rid of those shadows.





2 comments on “DIY Jewelry Necklace Organizer with Paint Sticks

  1. Aroon Melane
    August 19, 2014

    This is great and it can hold so much!

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