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Review – BOB Books Beginning Readers Set 1

The last time I stopped by a church sale, I was browsing around children books for my sons and came across the BOB Books. At the time, I had no idea what I was buying, but I glanced at it and saw it was very basic and honestly different from every other book that he reads so I bought it. It was tagged for $3 but it was 50% off so $1.50. I did not even check on Amazon how much it cost and for $1, who cares.

We started reading the book with my 3 year old son who is quite bright for his age, but has been having trouble sounding out sight words. It’s probably due to his age and just thought he will get it when he gets it. We started reading the first book (out of 12) for him and it was so simple that we decided to have him practice sounding out the words on the second reading. (I’ve been doing too much common core so now my kids are doing multiple reads.) Funny thing is, he actually started getting the hang out reading the words. It is quite slow and he is learning how to do, but as we went through the books, he is beginning to just read it on his own, withOUT me reading it to him! I am absolutely AMAZED! He is reading!!! He is sounding out words on the first read so it takes a little longer, but the books are short so it is completely doable. He feels accomplished when he is done and always asks to read it a second time. We are currently on the 8th book now and he is started to read to me! I actually looked up on Amazon to see how much this set costs and it was $10. You can see it here.

Now, I am going to purchase the 2nd set and sees where this goes. I also googled around and noticed that there are a group of bloggers, 3 DinosaursRoyal BalooRockabye ButterflyThis Reading MamaWalking by the Way, and In Lieu of Preschool, who have created free printable worksheets to reinforce the learning during the reading process! You can click on any of the websites above and get to the printables. I will have to print them out and have my son reread some of the beginning books while we wait for the second set to come so I will update you on that later.

I highly recommend this set and did not even realize that it is the #1 seller in Early Childhood Education Materials on Amazon. Score for it being educations and double score for the fact I paid for a brand new set for 90% off. Sometimes you never know what you will find at the most random places.





2 comments on “Review – BOB Books Beginning Readers Set 1

  1. Becky Spence
    August 12, 2014

    Thanks for linking to our BOB Books printables. I am in process of writing lesson outlines for each book using our free printables. 😉 Set 1 is ready if you want to take a peek.


  2. My daughters loved these books and definitely built reading skills with them. They didn’t quite click with my son for whatever reason…

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