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SCORE! Schwinn Bike Trailer for $57!

Everyone knows I like a good deal. Everyone also knows that I like quality high end things that usually never goes on sale. So most of the time, I spend NOT buying things I want because I am money conscious and need to think of my children first, etc, etc, etc. Then once in awhile, a deal comes along that I just can’t say no to and I SPLURGE. Yes it’s a deal but it is for something I don’t NEED, but is nice to have.

I knew that the Schwinn Bike Trailer was finally down to 70% off at Targets all over America and I saw a couple when they were still 30% and then 50% but it was very pricy still. When it hit 70%, I decided to see if there were any left at the store I usually go to (since I am always there), but they were long gone. It was not meant to be.

2 days later I needed to go back to Target (again!) for some milk (these kids kill 3+ gallons a week) and I decided to go to a different Target so the kids can see “some” change. Lo behold there it was!!! I was so excited and couldn’t believe there was one left after being on clearance for that long! I saw them pop up all over Craigslist for double the price, but I found one! My husband has a nice bike and maybe this will allow us to take more trips to the park near our house and I can start walking or exercising.

Funny thing is, I was at Target, with a stroller of a sleeping 1 year old and a walking 3 year old and a giant 40lb box. I literally needed my older son to push the stroller while I pushed this 40lb box across the target to the registers. Lucky for me, an employee grabbed me a cart which was nice but still defeated the purpose since I only had 2 hands, a cart and a stroller to push, and walking  running toddler to take care of. I got a couple dirty looks from a particular man walking by and he made a comment under his breath how he thought I was crazy because my toddler was pushing the stroller, but I did not care because I got the last bike trailer!

Ok, I rambled enough. SCORE! Original price is $179.99. It’s on sale for $129 on Target.com right now, but I got it for $57. Happy dance!!

14688384_201307231206 CA_08051422183144-S


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