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DIY Vintage Chair Reupolstered into New Velvet Chic Chair – Part 1

Remember this chair I bought off Craigslist awhile back?



Well I finally got the chance to start working on it since it is summer break! I am not completely done, but I thought I would keep you updated on Part 1 so that you don’t think I am wasting my summer away. My problem is that I like doing a ton of projects at the same time instead of just one at a time.

The following are steps to take when removing old fabric off of a chair and reupolster it into something new and amazing!

STEP 1: Remove all old fabric and keep as templates. Tool Needed – Needle point pliers

This part requires you to take your time to pull out every single staple making sure you don’t damage the surrounding wood and check out the foam underneath the fabric.  It is the MOST tedious part and this is where people lose their patience. I included pictures so you can see the extensive work that is being done. Because this is my second time going about doing this, I knew what I was doing and it was not too bad this time. I think wingback chairs are MUCH more difficult. To see the previous chair reupholster, check it out here. You also want to be careful with not ripping the fabric since you will be using it as a template to cut your new fabric.




STEP 2: Remove the cushion or padding if necessary.

I did not have to remove any cushions for my wingback chair but I did have to remove the top cushion for this chair so that I would be able to spray paint. I decided NOT to take out the bottom fabric and just spraypaint over the bottom portion so that I would not have to remove the lower cushion. It was a spur of the moment in the process kind of decision and I am glad I did because I avoided one more extra step.

STEP 3: Spray paint/ paint/ refinish wood.

Depending on your vision, you will need to redo the actual part of the chair that is NOT fabric at this point in time. Because I decided to spray paint my chair gold, I needed to take it outside and also put a finish coating afterwards to preserve it. The gold turned out PERFECTLY and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The dents of the wood grains and texture pop so much with the gold. I know a lot of people would have stained or tried to preserve the aged look, but I wanted something modern and chic to fit my room so gold it was!



PART 4: Staple cushion back on, cut out new fabric with using template, and staple like crazy!

I chose black velvet to contrast with the gold wooden legs and I have this secret love for velvet. I cut out my fabric with a little bit of extra inches to help with any mistakes that I made and stapled like crazy with my staple gun. It actually did not take that long and this part was the most fun. I stapled the back cushion on when it was time to do so and then continued to finish off the fabric.





TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2 of this post. That is all I managed to finish. All the fabric is completely on and the only thing missing is the corded trimming that is supposed to cover up the staples. My chair looks 90% done, but the staples need to be covered. That part is going to be tedious and time consuming…so until then…..




2 comments on “DIY Vintage Chair Reupolstered into New Velvet Chic Chair – Part 1

  1. annainternational
    July 24, 2014

    Looking great already, I love the gold! In the process of doing similar with a pair of drop in dining chairs, but finding the time is tricky! They’re going to be grey chalk paint with white and grey toile de jouy fabric – not traditional but beautiful so who cares, I agree!

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