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Wish List Wednesday! – Mike Stilkey Art DIY Version in my home

I stumbled across some of Mike Stilkey’s work and think he is BRILLIANT! I’ve been wanting to do a book wall installation in my home, but the idea of all that weight in books on my wall that can collect dust was not something wanted to try to do. After seeing his version, I am inspired to maybe do a small scale version of just the book spines so weight would not be an issue. I’ve always loved painting and haven’t drawn in years but would LOVE to get back into it. The only problem is WHAT to draw that will be meaningful and inspiring to me everyday.

Here are some examples of his work. What do you think?? Do you like how unique it is?

big-d494020ff8ec181ef98ed97ac3f25453 fb2bf651b9f3fe834c15c843e3207605 images images1 images2 images3


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