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Freezer Meals – Hot Dogs and Burgers!

What’s summer with out some hot dogs and burgers? Since I’m trying to learn how to make my own food and freeze at the same time for when I am working full time and taking care of 2 kids under 3, it is important that I start now and get the hang out how to do this with a budget of course!

Today’s 2 hours “cooking” session yielded the following

  1. 8 bacon wrapped hot dogs
  2. 16 crescent roll wrapped hot dogs with cheese (Pigs in a blanket)
  3. 16 regular hot dogs to freeze for future chili cheese dogs (I have yet to make the chili cheese)
  4. 6 cheddar ranch burger patties
  5. 6 seasoned cheddar bacon burger patties
  6. 6 unseasoned burger patties

TOTAL COST – $9 for the hot dog ingredients YES…$9 and $18 for the ground beef from Costco. I was able to save by getting 4 FREE packages of hotdogs by couponing and we had leftover shredded cheddar cheese at home and ranch seasoning.


  1. 2 Crescent Roll Cans (8 per can)
  2. 4 Farmer John Hot Dog packages
  3. 1 package of pepper jack cheese
  4. 1 package of shredded cheese (we had leftover of this)
  5. Ranch seasoning packet
  6. 6 lbs of ground beef

I got all my recipes from Once a Month Meals and adapted some to my own liking. This is a GREAT website for me because it tells me how to freeze parts of what I am making. My husband and kids manage to eat some of the pigs in the blanket and they liked it as a snack so that is good.

I am not going to include the recipes of everything but I did take some pictures so you kind of get a glimpse of how I managed to do everything. Let me know if you need any help with any part of this.

Here are all the ingredients I bought. There is a package of bacon underneath that cheese. Everything else came from my pantry.



Here is how I made the pigs in the blanket. I rolled the crescent rolls out. I put half a slice of cheese inside and then pit the hot dog on top and wrapped it all up.


Here is what they looked like when they were done.


Here is a picture of all the hot dogs once I was done wrapping and flash freezing everything prior to putting them in the Ziploc bags.


Then I started with the burgers. I put 2 lbs at a time in a bowl and mixed in whatever ingredients I wanted and wrapped them into balls and squished them down. I also put a shallow hole in the middle so they can cook evenly in the future. I used wax paper that I cut to separate them.


Here they are ready to be frozen. I learned a cool trick about how to get the air out. You stick a straw at one side of the ziploc bag with it all zipped up. I would suck the air out and then squeeze the straw area together when I needed to take a break and continually sucked the air out until I couldn’t anymore.


What do you think?? I am pretty proud of myself so far. I am slowly building up that freezer aresenal that I would like to start rotating when school starts again at the end of August.



One comment on “Freezer Meals – Hot Dogs and Burgers!

  1. Kim
    June 30, 2014

    Great idea for a young family.

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