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DIY – Spacesaving Upgrade to Shoe Closet

Remember when I redid my shoe closet see in this post here. Well, it turns out that it has been pretty good storing shoes about 80% of the time. With our kids wearing more shoes and my husband and I having a lot of shoes to start with, I needed more space still. I decided to add on a bar at the top of my closet to hang heels and have space to use the top shelf and it worked out perfectly. It literally cost me $5 for some moulding at Home Depot and it’s a simple fix to the problem. Not all my heels stay on there that well so I need to figure out what would make them stay a little better, but in general, I am glad I saved some more space for more shoes of course!

Here is a quick picture I took with the moulding put in. I am glad I only have one row of it and not all my shoes are heels so this works out perfectly.



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