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6 Freezer Meals in 1ish Hour!

I have not had the time to cook during the school year as much as I would like so my FIRST order of business was to feed the family some good homemade meals! The only problem with that is that I am not that great of a cook. I understand what it takes to cook and know that it’s just not something I am good at. I would like to get better at it but it takes practice and practice takes time, which I didn’t have before….you get my point now?

Being a working mom means the reality of not wanting to cook when I get home from a long day of work. I’ve looked at many Pinterest meals in hopes that some of it will work out and if it does, I am going to build an arsenal of freezer meals that I can always have in my chest freezer so I can eat a healthy meal that isn’t fast food after work.

I checked out Ruth’s Blog at Living Well Spending Less and she has this awesome blog about making 10 meals (5 recipes) in less than 1 hour. I thought I would give it a try since they all seemed easy enough. I loved how easy the recipes seemed and she creates a premade shopping list, plan, and labels to print! Talk about making my life SO much easier! She also had lots of tips for some newbie freezer meal moms like me!

I had a lot of the things on the list on the pantry so I hit up the grocery store to get what I didn’t have. For some reason, I couldn’t find chicken thigh (darker meat = tastier meal). Lots of chicken breast was available but I figured I would find the thighs another day so instead of making 10 meals, I ended up making 6, which is fine with me since my stamina for cooking is not that long. The recipes I made were Taco Soup, Orange Glazed Pork Chops, and London Broil.

It took me 1-2 hours to do everything mainly because I was very distracted by the kids and I was very ill prepared. I had supplies everywhere and was making a huge mess, but hey that’s life right?

Here are the pictures to go with it.




My husband and I actually ended up only freezing 3 of the meals since we tried each and every one to make sure this is something we’d like to continue and they were a HIT! We are so fast I forgot to take a picture of the pork chops. Delicious and definitely something we’d like to keep doing. The meals last 3-6 months and since mine is in a chest freezer, I’m guessing they’ll last on the longer side. If you’d like to share some recipes with me to try, please feel free to do so! I am new to this and trying my best to be a better mom and providing for my family.




3 comments on “6 Freezer Meals in 1ish Hour!

  1. Ema Jones
    June 22, 2014

    Try Gluten-free Currants Pudding..

  2. annainternational
    June 23, 2014

    Hey! Great post, and I will certainly check out that blog as well, sounds super handy. In terms of the kind of meals you can freeze, basically anything that will work well in a slow cooker/crockpot will do I think! I do all manner of beef stews, curries, lamb tagine type dishes (with middle eastern sweet overtones, so yummy!), chicken casseroles, anything really! Soup as well – I am big on soup! Afraid I don’t have any recipes as such, I’m an experimental cook and just put in what works, but I am sure you can find lots if you look for crockpot recipes. Good luck with it!

    • hamonious
      June 24, 2014

      Thanks Anna!I’ll post more if I try anything else!

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