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DIY Dog Leash Holder Using IKEA’s Bastis Hook

If you ever ask me where the dog leash is, I never have a clue. My pug goes on walks not as frequently as we would like to take him and he spends most of the time running in the front yard without a leash so when we actually need it, it is never to be found. Well, after seeing lots of projects on Pinterest for a dog leash using an the cute IKEA hook in the shape of a dog’s tail, I figured I would give it a go and have a nice place for Hammy’s leash.


1. IKEA Bastis Hook
2. Small Sawtooth Hangers
3. Wood plaque from any craft store
4. Spray paint
5. Stickers
6. Craft paint (to paint wood)
7. Polyurethane Spray (used after painting wood)

Now I have seen this done in SO many different ways and there are so many cute ones on Pinterest and Etsy where scrapbook paper is used as the background, but my I decided against colorful and went for a black and theme since I am in love with gold spray paint right now.

Here are the steps I took in pictures. I solicited help from my awesome son Hunter. He loves arts and crafts and it was a fun way for him to participate.



ca_05181416510109 ca_05181416504972 ca_05181416503753

ca_06201420542443 ca_06201420541144ca_06201421102416


Of course we need a picture with the actual dog. Here’s Hammy!


And of course the usual BEFORE and AFTER picture!



3 comments on “DIY Dog Leash Holder Using IKEA’s Bastis Hook

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  2. inkognitooo
    September 29, 2015

    What kind of spray paint did u use? Did this with silver spray paint but it cant take any scratches what so ever it just comes of 😦

    • hamonious
      September 29, 2015

      Oh no! I use rusteum mostly and I make sure I get the one that sticks on metal, wood, etc… Basically everything! I hope that helps!

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