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The Vinegar & Dawn Experiment – PART 1 – Master Bathroom Tub & Glass Shower Doors

I have seen the combination of Vinegar and Dawn as a homemade cleaning solution all over Pinterest and decided that I would give it a try and hope that it works well because boy does my bath need some help!

vinegar index

First off, I grabbed a bottle of vinegar that I happened to have in the pantry and a new bottle of hand-renewal dawn dish soap that I have leftover from my couponing days. First off, everyone recommends the blue Dawn but I figured this would smell better and probably work the same. You can judge for yourself when you see the results.

SUPPLIES – Dawn, Vinegar, Spray Bottle, Patience

To prepare the solution, you will need equal parts of Dawn and the vinegar. I warmed up the vinegar for 1 minute prior to pouring into a clean spray bottle to add some more power to the solution (so I read).

The following are pictures of what I wanted to tackle with this solution. I wanted to work on the master bath tub and show doors. Please do not judge me and I am really embarrassed, but I am a full time working mom and have 2 boys under 3 so empathize with me here. The last time I cleaned, I used Bar Keeper’s Friend, which totally worked but I literally felt like I was dying from the toxicity of it. I still need to recaulk the bathroom corners and it’s been on the TO DO LIST for awhile.

photo(6) photo(8)

And of course here is the results of my little experiment!

photo(9) photo(7)

Ummm.. YES!!!!!!!  The bathtub is pretty clean! My tub is porcelain on the sides so that wiped off really easily with this solution, but the bottom of the tub was a little bit more difficult because of the texture so I had to put in a little bit of hard labor. It’s not perfect and I’ll probably redo this again with a magic eraser but it is MUCH MUCH BETTER! The glass also worked pretty well as you can see. There is still some soap scum on it but NO WHERE near the amount that was on there. I have not tried the blue Dawn but feel the Hand Renewal Dawn worked just fine and the vinegar smell was not too strong.

I can’t wait to try this on everything else!

And of course I can’t forget the last side by side picture of course!


Let me know if you try it in your house! I would love to hear your results!


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