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Wish List Wednesday – Oak Canyon Nature Center Venue

My husband and I got married at a very young age and really had no say in what our wedding would be like. We had an amazing wedding, but in retrospect, so many things were missed along the way. One of the BIGGEST things that we did NOT have for our wedding was a wedding ceremony with wedding vows. We were married by a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony, but I really regret not fighting harder with my strict parents for some type of ceremony. I am also sad that my dad never got to walk me down the aisle and I think he is equally sad as well.

Either way, there is no going back to the past, but there is a future to change. I have speaking with my husband for awhile about doing a vowel renewal ceremony or in our case a vowel ceremony for the first time during our 10 year anniversary. We have come up with crazy ideas from a destination ceremony to renting a vacation home with a view to have a ceremony at. We never really settled on an idea since we still have 4 more years to go, but I came across the Oak Canyon Nature Center venue on Pinterest and knew the instant I saw it that THIS IS IT!

I told my husband and he thinks its gorgeous as well. The only unfortunate thing is that they no longer allow receptions at this location so maybe we’ll see if that changes in 4 years or maybe I can rent a food truck or a rental home near there for a reception.

This is one wish list that will become a reality as long as everyone takes care of the venue for the years to come. The following are pictures of the actual venue, There also pictures of other wedding decor that has occurred there. The site is so beautiful that minimal decoration is needed which is great. What do you think? Love this venue or pick a new one?





Picture 14


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