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SCORE! – Tory Burch Victory Plum Tweed Skirt – $35!!

Yes you heard me right! I scored a Tory Burch Victory Tween Skirt at Nordstrom’s Rack for $35. I am a big fan of Nordstrom’s Rack only if you know how to pick their clothes correctly. There are the brands that are made for Nordstrom’s Rack and then there are the clothes that you know comes directly from Nordstroms. Those clothes are a low percentage of things in there but you can find them! I’ve scored some Michael Kors leather pants for $30 before so I know they exist.

Yesterday, I found this beautiful Tory Burch Skirt on clearance with the tag for $65. Typical of Tory Burch and decently priced and Nordstrom’s was having their Clear the Rack Sale so an extra 25% off all clearance tags. That meant I could score the skirt for about $50 or so. At the original price of $295, I thought that was a pretty good deal so I headed to the register!

Lo-behold, someone had took off the clearance sticker on top of the one I saw and it was priced much cheaper. After the 25% off, I ended up paying $35 for it! What a STEAL for Tory Burch! I actually ended up saving 88%!!

As a side note though, this is from the Fall 2012 collection so it’s been out awhile and of course constitutes why it is at Nordstrom’s Rack in the first place, but I am not complaining. Going to rock this skirt my own way to work. 🙂

And of course here it is! Wish I had the matching jacket too…not sure I would wear them together if I did.

11411208781_RLLC TB_32121339_510_C 8084404_fpx

What do you think?? SCORE or no?


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