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First Birthday Photo Shoot

If you read my post here yesterday, you would know that I feel like I do a lot more for my first son than my second son. I wanted to something special that I had never done with my first son and that was to have a special first birthday photo shoot. My eldest son never had that so it would be something unique that my second son can call his own.

I browsed Pinterest for some fun ideas and saw some pretty cute ideas involving balloons and a smash cake. Very typical of a first year old birthday party but taken ahead in advance. My son doesn’t walk yet so it ruled a lot of ideas out but I had some ideas in mind. I went to Albertson’s and grabbed a small cake for his smash cake and then to Party City for a balloon bouquet and off we went to take pictures.

Couple tips for photos with babies.

#1 – MAKE IT SHORT AND FAST – My son was in a cranky mood that day and by the time we got to the cake smash portion, he was in tears and did not want anything to do with sitting on the ground. Being the world’s best parents, we couldn’t let our bouquet of balloons and cake go to waste so we let him cry…and then smashed his hands into the cake….and then onto his face. That’s how awesome of parents we were. I think everyone walking by thought it was child abuse but we worked quickly, took pictures, laughed at our crazy situation, and of course finally held up our poor little guy who was staring angrily at us.

#2 – CLICK LIKE CRAZY – I did not wait for a good moment to snap. I just snapped every single moment he was somewhat happy because in those hundreds of pictures, there were a select few that were just perfect.

#3 – BE PREPARED – I was prepared to clean up the cake mess. We had paper towels, baby wipes, towels, and extra clothes. It STILL did NOT prepare us for the mess we were in after Owen smashed his cake. There was food colored frosting on everything and he was crying so much we just sacrificed ourselves and got cake all over both my clothes and my husband’s clothes. The poor kid ended up in his car seat with just his diaper because he was so sticky that no amount of paper towels or baby wipes were going to clean him up.

And finally, the pictures!!! Here are some highlights! Keep in mind that I am NO professional photographer and all of this was edited literally on my phone.ca_05181412201718





And my absolute favorite of the bunch is this one.



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