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First Birthday Flashback! – UP Inspired Party

I am in the middle of planning for my second son Owen’s Birthday Party. His theme is going to be Dr, Suess. I have been so busy with work and life that I haven’t had the time to truly plan an epic party for his first birthday! It feels that much worse when I know that I planned a pretty epic first birthday for my other son, Hunter.

I am going to do a flashback of Hunter’s first birthday to remind and motivate myself to do a good job on Owen’s Birthday since the poor guy hasn’t gotten nearly as much as his brother. Maybe it is a second child thing, but I’ve been trying my best to make his first year as special as Hunter;s. Let’s not lie though because 2 children are much more difficult to manage than one and I totally understand any parent who cannot give the second child as much attention as the first.

I am digressing. Hunter’s first birthday had an UP theme and my best friend Tran and I decided to build our own version of the UP house. It was an insane thing to do but it turned out fabulous! It was much better in person but the pictures show just how awesome it is! At one point, all the little children were playing in the inside so that was pretty rewarding to see.

Hunter Luong Birthday

To top off the house I built, my wonderful coworker Leslie over at Temp-tationista created a beautiful multilayer colorful cake for Hunter’s big day!

hunterluong-birthday_canon eos 5d mark ii_0676

Hunter Luong Birthday


My BFF Tran also made Hunter’s Smash cake into a shape of a 1 and it looked fabulous!

hunterluong-birthday_canon eos 5d mark ii_0713

What would a first birthday be without a smash cake??


My other BFF Lampa made Hunter’s baby jar labels that were filled with sweet treats for guests to take home.



Of course the Birthday boy had a wonderful time opening his birthday presents, playing with his cake, and enjoying time with mommy and daddy.

hunterluong-birthday_canon eos 5d mark ii_0863-edit 581621_10150872087327868_470794512_n 532812_10150872087492868_1850395972_n

To top it off, Tran and I decided to grab the balloons from the UP house down for some cool pictures with Hunter, but as you can see, it turned into an ultimate fail when we lost it. (It was a really windy day.) Yes, we are aware we could have or did harm the environment and we feel really bad about it since we are a bit eco-friendly ourselves, but it was an accident. Great for a picture though!



I think it was such a great party that now, the pressure is on for Owen’s party to be spectacular! I don’t think it will be, but mommy will always try her best for the little one! I even went out of my way to do a photo shoot for Owen that I did NOT do for Hunter when he turned one! I’ll post more on that next time.

Special thanks to Bret from Faded Pictures who took those awesome beautiful shots of Hunter’s Birthday! It is something I look back fondly on.

And here’s a picstitch a friend made of Hunter’s birthday!




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