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Foscam F18910 – New children’s monitor

Believe it or not, we never had a baby monitor with an actual screen. I opted for the Angelcare system and at the time there was no option to buy the remote with a video screen. I LOVE the AngelCare. It gave me so much piece of my mind with both my kids. Unfortunately, we are at the point where we need to actually have a camera in their room when they play so we can monitor what they are doing without physically being in the room. The kids are getting older and I’ve been thinking of getting either a Dropcam or a Foscam. My friends have a Foscam and it has worked for them and it is a bit cheaper than the Dropcam. I also like that is has some functions like two way audio and panning that is more appealing to me.

Well, I finally pulled a trigger on a Foscam thanks to a deal on slickdeals. Will keep you updated once we get the delivery and install it for a full review if it is worth it. For $55, I can’t even complain about the price.



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