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DIY Shelving with IKEA Brackets – A Shoe/ Coat Closet Makeover

I have a closet right in my hallway when I enter that is supposed to be a coat closet. Well since we don’t have many visitors since our house is so small, it became our shoe closet. I am not going to lie, my husband and I have a lot of shoes. I don’t even think we have nice shoes, but we sure have a lot. The shoe closet became a hot mess when we don’t put shoes back and it just scattered all over the floor. It was so bad that I couldn’t even take a before picture of the hot mess because my husband was already clearing out excited for the new makeover. This is the best BEFORE picture I took.


And here are all the shoes that WERE somehow stacked in there somewhere.


I knew I wanted to redo the closet where shoes can be put in the closet a lot easier than in cubbies. I saw some beautiful shelves on Pinterest and some brackets that were from IKEA that are painted gold. You can see my inspiration over here at Houzz. The only difference is that instead of decorative shelving, which I would have LOVED to do so that the gold brackets would pop, I used it for the shoe closet which hides all my beautiful gold brackets. 😦

Anyhow, I am digressing from the “How to” of the project?


Nails/ Screws (Whatever your wall needs)
Wood (I bought cabinet shelving so I did not have to paint)
Miter saw if you need to cut your wood
Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint


1. Buy brackets and spray paint. Spray the brackets according to directions. This literally took me 30 minutes to spray paint all 10 on both sides.



Make sure to flip them over and spray the other side as well.


Look how beautiful the gold color turned out. I love it.



Decide what length you want the shelves to be. I wish I could across the entire closet, but my husband wanted space for the vacuum to be stored in there and also some hangers just because it still is a coat closet. After you decide what configuration you want, measure and cut all the wood for your shelves if needed. I used shelving wood already painted at Home Depot so all I did was measure, tape the cut line with masking tape so it was cut cleanly, and then cut through my miter saw.




Install the shelves into your wall. Depending on what type of wall you have, you must use the correct screws. I actually had to install into drywall into the closet and there were not studs, so I had to screw into drywall anchors that I had to install prior to that. It is an extra step but that is the only proper way to instal a shelf into drywall. Level as you go and then I just placed my shelves on top of each shelf when I was done. You can screw the wood down if you want, but I am only storing shoes. Here’s a picture of me on my 5th and last shelf! Almost done! I used my husband’s big shoe as a determination of how far apart I wanted the shelves to be. In retrospect, I wish I had made them a bit closer to each other to save space.


I can be unrealistic and make the shoes line up beautifully for these blog pictures, but the reality is that some shelves are not going to solve my abundance of shoes. I still need to stack them on top of each other to make it fit so although it doesn’t look like a beautiful shoe store display, I am so happy that these shelves are done. Plus, the hubby likes it! Now for the rest of the pictures!





And of course, the BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO!


What do you think?? Change for the better or you like the old storage better?


One comment on “DIY Shelving with IKEA Brackets – A Shoe/ Coat Closet Makeover

  1. Kim
    April 20, 2014

    I like it. Seems more functional.

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