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Hallway/ Entry Way Makeover Commences!

The entry into my home is a very small and narrow hallway. It includes three doors (the powder room, the closet, and the front door) and is about 12 feet long. The entry way has absolutely NO space for any type of table and it is the first thing that guests see when they enter, so I wanted to redo it so that it is more functional and pretty…because I like a pretty home. Let me say that when I first bought this house, everything was WHITE. That’s about it. It was a blank canvas and instead of doing all the work then, I have no idea why I waited 5 years, 1 dog, and 2 kids later to work on it. Maybe it’s because my dog scratched and bit two of the door mouldings when he was teething, or the fact that he uses the hallway as his personal den where we lock him up at night. He is also a pug and his water bowl is in that area and if you have ever seen a pug drink water, you know what mess they leave behind 24.7. I also ignore the fact that my husband and I enter through the garage and never use the actual front door.

Nevertheless, it is Spring Break and I am on vacation and instead of going ON vacation with 2 kids (which I do every year!), we opted to not take two kids under 3 on a plane and stayed home to redo this hallway of ours. It is 70% of the way done, but I don’t want to do a reveal yet, since I still have some finishing up to. It was a bigger project than I had initially planned, but I am so glad that it is done and I am loving the way it has turned out. Stay tuned!!

Here’s a before picture so you can see what it looks like. Besides the gray paint we just did, everything else is going to be completely NEW!!

Here are some fun facts as a teaser: 2 gallons of paint (not gray), 4 trips to home depot, 1 use of a miter saw,  2 trips to the dollar store…SO FAR.



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