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DIY – Ottoman FAIL = Redo!

The quote, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I made this DIY ottoman a year ago when I was about 7 months pregnant and before I had this blog.


Fast forward a year later, a couple of things went VERY wrong with this DIY project. First off, the tufted buttons kept popping off because the cheap ones I bought from Hobby Lobby were not true upholstery buttons and with my son jumping all over this thing, they were popping up all the time. STRIKE ONE. Next, I did not anticipate my wonderful doggy using the edges of the ottoman as his face scratching ottoman. It started to turn the edges of my beautiful ottoman brown and dingy like below. Gross right? STRIKE TWO.


There really is no STRIKE THREE except for the fact that I was sick of looking at the crazy DIY ottoman FAIL that I didn’t even bother to take a picture to show the extent of how bad it was. Lucky for me, I was on the prowl for some new fabric to redo the ottoman. I knew I wanted something dark and was thinking of some type of wipeable fabric. I was close to looking at Vinyl but that seems a little cheap. Lucky for me, I found this clearance suede brown fabric with great texture from Joann’s and bought 1.5 yards for only $5!!! What a steal!!!


With two kids, I had a hard time finding time to redo the ottoman and with the amount of staples I took out, I jad to make sure that I didn’t lose any or my 10 month old would probably pick it up and shove it into his mouth. Luckily, since I built the original ottoman, I knew exactly how to take it apart and it was fairly quick to redo. Here is my first day working on it for 30 minutes.


The second day, I completed it in about an hour. I was about to add buttons on it and opted not to.


Here are the corners my dog will once again try to wipe his face on, but its the same color so it will blend well and it is wipe-able so that will help!


Excuse the next few photos if you are not a dog lover, but Hamlet loves his the new ottoman.




What do you think?? Better the second time around?? My husband likes it a lot better so I am happy with that!



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