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Raahauge’s Shooting Range in Corona, CA

I have never shot a gun in my life before. It had always been on my bucket list but I never got around to it. 4 years later and 2 children later, I finally had a chance to go with my best friend and her husband. They took me to Mike Raahauge’s Shooting Range in Corona, CA which is approximately 45 minutes from where I live.


When we arrived at the shooting range, I was just looking at people shooting into targets and it made me feel a bit queasy since all I can think about are little children and high school students who had died from automatic rifles in school shootings. My mind automatically goes there when I think of guns since I work at a school and we run lock downs pretty frequently. Eventually, that fear and uneasiness passed and I had a chance to shoot my friend’s AR 22.



We shot the AR at the Rifle at the Pistol and Rifle Range. You can rent a location for fairly cheap and shoot for 2 hours with your own gun and bullets. My friend had a Rifle so we shot with that. I assumed I would be pretty good at it since the last time I did anything remotely similar (archery), I realized I had a killer instinct and a lot of precision. Shooting the AR was fairly simple: load the clip, aim at the target of choice, and pull the trigger. I hit the first 3 targets of choice right on target. It was pretty neat to know what my intuition was telling me was correct. I always had a feeling I would be good at shooting. As fun as it was, I almost felt like I was shooting a toy gun. The AR is so smooth and there is no recoil at all so it was just so easy to shoot anything and everything.


Once we were done with the Rifle range, we walked over the clay shooting range. The skeet shooting was exciting and fun. The stations wrap around a beautiful picturesque area and each station has an electronic key machine where a key is put in to start up the remote control for the clay.


The clays range from small discs to larger discs and fly in all sorts of directions. As you wrap around the course, the stations range in different shooting levels. We started at the practice beginner’s section by the parking lot. We used a shotgun and boy was the recoil strong! I had trouble understand how to handle and shoot accurately with the shotgun but after some smart advice from my friend (align the barrel with your eye level…duh!) I was able to kill one clay after the other. It was pretty fun and exciting to feel the power of a gun. It was actually very therapeutic and in a way relaxing to shoot and forget all the daily stresses of real life. My favorite stations were definitely one where the clay was rolled across the floor as if it were a bunny scurrying across the field. Another favorite was a station that had TINY clays to shoot at. Definitely a more advanced station, but I enjoyed the challenge and was able to hit a few. As time went on, the recoil was really starting to hurt my shoulder so we eventually slowed down our rate of shooting.



Overall, I would definitely come back and take my husband and dad with me. I know they rent guns out so you don’t need to own your own gun. The range is beautiful and the people are extremely nice and friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone try it out for the first time. They even have specials for clay shooting classes for $99 for 2 people. You can check out Raahauge’s website here.



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