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Over the Cabinet Organizer for Under the Kitchen Sink

I am not going to lie, I hide a lot of messes behind cabinets. I wish my house was perfect, neat, and organized but unfortunately, I am either really REALLY clean or get lazy and it becomes a hot mess. Please don’t judge me…I would totally live in that type A world if I had time between the full time job, the cooking, the cleaning of that mess…and oh yea, the two crazy babies I have who need diapers changed, food in their mouths, and my full attention (for conversations and play time of course!)

photoSo behold, the hot mess under my kitchen sink. I grabbed an over the cabinet rack that I have been seeing for a really long time, but didn’t want to spend $10 on it. Well today at HomeGoods, I did. I wasn’t even sure if it was going to work for whatever bottles I had under my sink, but it did it’s job! I actually like it and think it helps with me consolidating what I truly use versus the bottles that pile up under the sink over time. What I do NOT like is that my cabinet doors do not close all the way with the rack sitting on top of it and you can see the pieces of metal at the top of the cabinets. It isn’t horrible enough for me to return it and I do like the functionality of it. Maybe in the future when I update my cabinets, I might reconsider drilling a large enough container for cleaners that will not show from the outside. For now, I am enjoying the fact that it is a tad but cleaner.


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