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SPLURGE ALERT! – Kate Spade Jolie Skirt 70% off

Let me first start off my saying that I am not a name brand girl. I don’t own expensive purses nor so I spend hundreds of dollars on shoes like the typical girl. However, I will say that I understand why many women LOVE to shop and I definitely understand the appeal for expensive clothing. You really do pay for higher quality things especially when it comes to leather products like handbags and shoes.

Because I am frugal by nature, I find it really hard to pay full price for any item especially when it comes to high-end designer clothing and accessories. I do love quality things though so where else can a girl go besides NORDSTROMS RACK!!! I love this place. I will say they are not all created equal but where else would you get designer things for stellar prices! (I know there’s Off 5th and Nieman Marcus Last Call, but I prefer Nordstrom’s Rack). Some previous fabulous finds I have bought there were some Michael Kors Black leather pants for $35! Score!

Today, I took my mom shopping for her birthday and of course got something for myself that I couldn’t resist. It is a totally splurge and I am shocked I pulled the trigger but maybe it is because I am still spoiling myself this month for my birthday. Here it is!

I bought a Kate Spade Jolie Skirt for 70% off at $110 when it originally retails for $368. I am not going to lie, I really wish it were under $100 and I wouldn’t feel so guilty, and I almost thought about returning it but my husband convinced me to keep it. Yay to the hubby!



What do you think? Total steal or total splurge??


One comment on “SPLURGE ALERT! – Kate Spade Jolie Skirt 70% off

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