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DIY – Upgrading Ikea Frames with Gold Leaf

I am a fan of things Ikea because they are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into any decor. The only problem I have is that every space starts to look like an Ikea showroom, so I like to customize all things Ikea into something more personal and less generic.

I have been looking at my Ikea frames in my bedroom for some time and knew that I wanted change, but I was unsure of what I really wanted. After completing my accent wall (seen here), I had WAY too much dark brown in my room and really need to change my frames to have some more color. Here are my three Ikea frames above my dresser in my bedroom. Please excuse the last picture. It’s supposed to have a picture of my second son Owen in it. I must be a horrible mom to not even have his picture up yet and he’s 8 months old!


I knew I did not want a POP of bright color so I browsed Pinterest to get ideas and I saw some GOLD rimmed frames that caught my attention. I finally decided on putting a gold edge inside my picture frames and all I needed was to run get the supplies.

I narrowed my options down to use gold leaf/ glue method, a gold leaf pen, or a gold sharpie. When I got to Michael’s, I could NOT find the gold leaf pen and it was my first choice. I saw the gold leaf/glue option but didn’t really want to spend that much and I was unsure of the Sharpie working in the gold tone I wanted. After browsing a bit, I came across this product called Rub N’ Buff and by golly it is AWESOME. I used a coupon and it only cost me $3.


Here is the breakdown of the steps and supply list.


  1. Rub N’ Buff
  2. Any old frame of choice
  3. Tape
  4. Tape measure

Step 1

Tape the frame according to the measurement of your choice. I chose to do a 1/2 inch edge so I taped accordingly.


Step 2

Put some Rub N Buff on your finger and just spread it on. It’s that easy! My finger was GOLD afterwards and I was a little concerned with using my finger in the first place, but the package said the finger was an option for application so I went with it. Good news is that it is SO easy and washed right off!


Once I was completed, I was not totally happy because the inside of the frame was not done and I didn’t like the effect as seen below so I dissembled the picture frame from the glass and worked on the inside of the frame as well.


Step 3:

Repeat steps for all frames and voila! You are done. This thing literally dries in 5 minutes. I did all 3 frames in about 15 minutes and just had to wait to pick up Owen’s picture from Costco! Here’s the before and after picture! I am so glad I have a picture of my second little one up now! Don’t my babies look so different??CA_02011419245955-X2

What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts or comments!


One comment on “DIY – Upgrading Ikea Frames with Gold Leaf

  1. Patricia
    February 2, 2014

    I love the look Michele! Simple project that really adds to the frames

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