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DIY – Breakfast Nook with Built-In Storage

This post is from a DIY project I did last summer right before I found out I was pregnant. This project was a MONSTER task and I am proud to say that I got it over with.  It was a lot of fun to try it, but I would probably save it for a professional next time. I just didn’t have the experience and the home depot guys cut my wood on different days so a lot of the pieces did not line up correctly. Although it such a good source of storage in my little itty bitty house, I can see myself eventually getting rid of it and going back to the traditional dining table. Maybe when the kids are older and I don’t have so much storage or junk to store. I have changed the nook since and I’ll post an update on that on another post.

In the meantime, here are the pictures to go with the instructions. You will have to create your own measurements since I created mine by literally drawing some boxes on a sheet of paper and designing it that way.

Step 1: Build a coffin (3 of them)


No really… that’s what everyone thought it was. I put Hammy in so you can see the size of storage I have! In hindsight, I probably would have NOT built the bottom portion so I can save some $ on wood. I did NOT go with particle board wood because I wanted something higher quality that would last awhile. That probably was not necessary either.

Step 2: Add perimeter around boxes.

I used 2 inch wood and wrapped it around the top of the “coffins” for more support.

Step 3: Add top lid with piano hinge.

I used a full piano hinge across the middle “coffin” and used a smaller piano hinge for the sides so my “top” was cut differently.

Step 4: Add bead board to the front of the nook.

I used a nail gun and some glue and applied the bead board to the front of the nook. They were the ones you can buy from Lowes that click together so not the large panels.


Step 5: Add back to nook (optional)

I chose to have a “back” to my coffins for more support and I didn’t like the idea of just sitting on boxes for dinner without something to lean back on so I just added wood for a “back.” I am by far NOT a carpenter so I did not know how to created a slanted back. Like I said earlier, in retrospect, I would have probably hired someone to so do this for me.

Step 6: Buy foam and batting and sew seat cushions. Pillows are optional


Step 7: Add table and Viola! Custom built breakfast nook with storage underneath each seat. Oh yea~!


Leave your thoughts or questions below!



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