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DIY Framed World Map with Pins

This DIY project came from my love for traveling and my hate for my AC control unit that sticks out of a wall in the middle of my living room! I hate the darn thing, but I know that I need access to it in order to control the temperature of my home.

My solution was to build a custom frame that doubles as wall art to cover the control pad. I had always wanted a world map as wall art and I wanted to put pins on the places that I have been to. I’ve traveled to over 23 countries so far and wanted to display that on my map so I went online and ordered a map and hoped that my idea would work out how I pictured it in my head.

Supplies needed

  1. World map poster of your choice (I got mine from Amazon)
  2. Map pins
  3. Moulding
  4. Nails
  5. Wood Strips
  6. Hinges
  7. Foam Board
  8. Packing Tape/ Masking Tape
  9. Exacto Knife
  10. 3M Adhesive Spray
  11. Paint
  12. Miter saw

Step 1

I built a frame using 1 by 12 wood strips I found at home depot for 99 cents each! I painted the sides gold with some Martha Stewart paint I had lying around and nailed them together. See the ugly AC unit? Maybe I’ll upgrade to those wireless pads one day, but for now, I have to cover this hideous thing up!


Step 2

Take two foam boards and tape it together as seen in the picture below. Once taped together, turn it around and spray the adhesive on and lay the map down slowly to ensure you push out all the bubbles.

ca_09011222102336Step 3

Once the map has dried, cut around the map with an exacto knife! Be VERY careful! I had an awful accident with this project for being careless and distracted and ended up slicing my knuckle.  4 stitches later and I was back in action. I’ll save the gory pictures for myself.


Step 4

Measure and Cut the moulding to size around the map and glue it to the map. I used flooring moulding that had a ledge and allowed it to fit well. I then painted it gold the same color as the frame I created earlier.


Step 5

Add hinges to the top edge of the frame and hung the map with the moulding onto frame and voila! Open to use the AC unit and close to become wall art!



Step 6

Finally, I added pins to the places I have been to!

ca_09011222123449 ca_09011222124347

Extra tips

  • Make sure when using the 3M adhesive spray to use it in a ventilated area because the fumes are CRAZY strong!
  • You also may need a helping hand to help lay the map down on the adhesive, but I did it by myself so definitely not necessary.
  • You can color code the pins to other people in your family and where they have been as well to add more interest.

Final thoughts

I love how everything turned out and think that if I ever move to a larger home, I will bring the map element with me by either painting an entire wall into a map and maybe using brighter colors to add more interest. I haven’t traveled much since I have had 2 babies back to back, but I look forward to adding more pins to my map!

Let me know your thoughts or comments below and thanks for reading!


8 comments on “DIY Framed World Map with Pins

  1. izzorizzo
    January 27, 2014

    I love this! I’m looking to buy a map poster to put in my brother’s room – do you remember where on amazon you found this particular one?

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  3. farah pervez
    December 18, 2014


    Beautiful frame! Can you please tell me what you glued the framed moulding to the map with? Thank you!

    • hamonious
      December 19, 2014

      Believe it or not, I taped the foam board which had the map glued on it to the moulding(frame). My moulding had an angle where I was able to tape it and hide the tape. I hope that helps.

  4. Brooke
    August 2, 2015

    Hello, I am trying to recreate this frame for my office. What were the dimensions for the wood strips and moulding. I bought that same map a few years ago and haven’t been able to frame it.

    • hamonious
      August 3, 2015

      I am unsure of the dimensions because I used the map on top of the foam board as a guide to how much to cut. I wpuld recommend using the maps dimensions to guide how much wood you will need to buy. I hope that helps.

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