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DIY – Exterior Paint Before & After – My BFF is AMAZING!

My best friend Kelly came back to town for the holidays and saw something that I am working on that has not yet been revealed and squealed with delight. I forgot how similar we are and how she is a big DIYer herself. Man do I miss having her around to share my crazy ideas with. Although Pinterest is full of great and beautiful inspirations, there is nothing like creating something new and bouncing ideas with your BFF.

To show you how talented she is, here is something she did as a gift to her mom. She repainted the entire exterior of her mom’s house by herself. YES, BY HERSELF!!! She spent $500,  2 weeks of her time, and 3 different paint colors later, she has one heck of a before and after picture to show for it.





She painted with a sprayer for the main parts of the house and hand painted all the trim that you see. Now keep in mind this girl is going to be a dentist and just got her acceptance letter to study to be an orthodontist!! She is not a painter by any means but this just looks stunning. Talk about curb appeal! It just goes to show that a little hard work and some determination goes a long way. I sure miss having her around. She’s the only one who has seen my secret DIY project for my bedroom that I am still working on, but let me give you a hint: It is something that is upcycled. It is not something I have not seen anyone (not even on pinterest) do it before so I am hoping it will inspire many people to try it!! I’ll keep you posted!


2 comments on “DIY – Exterior Paint Before & After – My BFF is AMAZING!

  1. The Urban Peddler
    January 5, 2014

    I’d say your BFF is pretty awesome too! What a project to take on. The house looks completely refreshed. Beautiful!

  2. mistyswhimsies
    January 9, 2014

    That is amazing! What a change.

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