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DIY Dual Closet by Repurposing Used Furniture!

This particular DIY project was done when I was 5 months pregnant with my second child. It was fueled by the desire to remake Hunter’s bedroom closet into a closet fit for two boys instead of one. I did not take a before picture, but it really was just a plain single wire rod going across the entire two door closet with a shelf on top. I scoured Pinterest while I was on bedrest with hyperemesis and found this picture from Iheartorganizing’s blog that inspired me to do something similar for own home. However, because of my condition, I had to wait until I was cleared to “work” and “function normally” before I can build anything.

iheartorganizing's cloest

Lucky for me, my health improved and I was going to go to Ikea to get myself an Expedit bookcase like the above blogger did, but I wanted to stay on a budget and wasn’t quite ready to commit yet. Luckily, I never made that trip to Ikea because I found this beauty at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) by my house for $10!!! If you don’t know much about what Restore is, you can read all about them here.

displaycaseI think this is an old display case of some sort. The sides are very sleek and lacquered while the gold rim trimmed the entire structure. It was fairly large in width and I actually preferred it more than the Expedit bookcase. I love a good DIY project where an old piece of furniture is repurposed to worked into something new. I think it is such a waste to not reuse or recycle furnishings if they are in good condition.

I was with my husband and he looked at me as if I was crazy when I said “We’re buying this!” I showed him my inspiration and he still looked at me with wide eyes and reminded me that I was 5 months pregnant and that this was a bit insane. Well bless him for always being supportive because he let me buy it anyways and went along with my idea even though he didn’t see my vision. It was too large to fit in his SUV so he had to go back with a truck the next morning just to get it for me (Thanks baby!)

Here are the steps I did to bring my vision to life.

1. First I removed all the old rods in the existing closet and all of my sons clothes, toys, or whatever crap was hanging around in there.

2. Next, I had to figure out how to get rid of the gold trim. I did NOT like it and I could not peel it off once it was in my house, so I decided to paint it. Painting metal took a specific type of paint, which luckily home depot had for fairly cheap so I used a small roller brush and painted a white glossy finish over the gold metal. Worked like a charm!

3. I placed the display case in the center of my closet and measured each of the remaining sides to see what size closet rods I needed. I bought 4 of these rods at Home Depot because I knew I wanted an upper and lower space on each side of the closet for each of the boys. I drilled holes and measured where I wanted the rods to go and installed them.

4. I knew I wanted a shelf at the top of the closet since I have some really high ceilings in the closet and throughout my home, so I bought a 1 x 12 piece of lumber and painted it white and just put in on top.

5. I measured how many shelves I wanted and bought particle board at home depot and they cut it into the dimensions I wanted and installed them using extra pieces of wood I had at the bottom of each side.

Here is what it looked like at that point.

hunterowen closet 1I eventually painted everything and started filling up the closet to max capacity. You will notice the blue bins in the next two pictures changed because I did not like the original ones I found and ended up exchanging them for some dollar tree bins I found that had room for some chalkboard paint. I LOVE chalkboard paint and labeling so my mother in law and my mom who help watch the kids can see what is inside the bins.

closet3 closet4

So there you have it! I created a closet that was fit for both my boys while I was 5 months pregnant. The left side is Hunter’s and the right side is Owen’s. Let me know if you have any questions at all about the construction of this!


4 comments on “DIY Dual Closet by Repurposing Used Furniture!

  1. Kayla
    January 4, 2014

    I love that you didn’t buy an expensive piece for the closet! I’m not as creative, so I would have probably bought a piece.

    I started a link up for cleaning out closets. Would you be interested in linking this up?

  2. The Urban Peddler
    January 5, 2014

    Your husband sounds like my husband. Looks like your vision paid off. Functional and appealing storage. Can you could do a post about the gorgeous blue stripes in your son’s bedroom? 🙂

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    February 10, 2014

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